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NEWS RELEASE – For Immediate Release

Keith Code
CodeR.A.C.E. School
(323) 224-2734

March 7, 2001


Keith Code Introduces the World's First True Racing School, “Now you can get all the adrenaline you need, without any hangover!”

(Los Angeles, CA) The trend for more “extreme” recreation is coaxing more and more sport-riding enthusiasts into the realm of racing. Unfortunately, most rider-training schools only offer a simple overview of racing technology and a few general safety tips. Keith Code’s initial R.A.C.E. (Race and Competition Experience) School, which launched in January 2001, is the first class to give sport riders individualized racing experience and training in a real competition environment. The overwhelming response to the pilot school has prompted Code to schedule R.A.C.E. for five additional sessions in 2001. The New Streets of Willow Springs Road Course in Rosamond, California hosts the next R.A.C.E. on April 4-5.

“R.A.C.E. isn’t just another high performance riding school, or a safety or advanced school. R.A.C.E. is the first genuine racing school in the world. Only super-enthusiasts need apply,” said racing guru Keith Code, founder of the renowned California Superbike School and widely recognized as the foremost riding instructor in the world.

The R.A.C.E curriculum has been completely designed by Code to provide one-on-one coaching in the key aspects of racing. With his proactive, elementary approach to teaching, Code and his staff of expert instructors break racing down into its essentials. Former student and CSS instructor Kevin Quinn commented, “Keith has the unique ability to take a complex process and present it so anyone can understand.” R.A.C.E. will be using Code's most seasoned instructor staff to put on the schools with a new level of one-on-one technique. Due to their rigorous training, Code has called them “the Navy Seals of motorcycle riding instructors”.

A number of demonstration tools will be used by the students to promote fundamental racing techniques. Code’s patented “Lean-and-Slide Bike” shows racers how far they can lean into turns. Braking drills, which allow students to safely explore the limits of braking, are conducted on the “Panic-Brake Bike.” Proper steering technique is illustrated by the “No Body Steering Bike” leaving no doubt as to how a bike really steers. A state of the art radar and readout system will provide real-time feedback of corner and corner exit speeds.

Code recalls, "My inspiration for R.A.C.E. came when I realized that while sponsors and TV bring exposure and money to superbike racing, the future growth of our sport requires exceptional riders. The solution was simple. I had to help more riders achieve their full potential. I took it on as a crusade. Now, 25 years after I started teaching riding, I am fulfilling that dream with R.A.C.E."

Recognized as the foremost motorcycle instructor in his field, Keith Code has spent 25 years instructing over 50,000 people in the art of cornering motorcycles, including dozens of champions. Keith has focused his research on implementing the first organized, advanced, step-by-step rider-training format. R.A.C.E. is the natural evolution of his pioneering approach, and the first school to offer racing training under competitive conditions. You can visit the new website, For more information about Keith Code, CodeRACE or CSS, or Keith’s instructional books and video, please contact (323) 224-2734, or email

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