2022 Schools
Oct 24/25 Streets of Willow Springs
$1950 your bike, $2750 using our BMW

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What You Get From Us

  • 18 Riders
  • 8 Instructors
  • 2 Days
  • Turn Entry
  • Braking
  • Drives
  • Lines
  • Video
  • Radar Speeds
  • Lap Times
  • Use your ride
  • Use our BMW S1000RRs
  • Gear
  • In California
  • Passing
  • Starts
  • Qualifying
  • Real Races
  • Losers
  • Winners


There is an exhilarating beauty to roadracing, from outside or inside the helmet. Inside is where R.A.C.E. will take you.

The technical skills of cornering are a wonderful and confidence inspiring thing to possess but past that is the raw desire to race--that is the heart of our R.A.C.E. program.

Who shouldn't come to R.A.C.E.?

Honestly folks, this program is not for new or inexperienced riders. If you don't count yourself as a high strung, pure blood, full pedigreed sport or racing enthusiast, the program simply isn't right for you. Racing really is part of the program. But, for the ultimate in cornering skill improvement...Check out the Superbike School...

Who should come?

Look over our program and decide if you do or do not want to experience racing. Or, if you've done a school like our sister California Superbike School or any of the performance riding schools or done lots of track days or you've already been racing, fine, come on out. Our R.A.C.E. program will add volumes to what you have already tasted.


What R.A.C.E. can boast is our program director's training record. Keith Code has coached more local, state, regional, national and international racers and champions than anyone else in the world. That is simply a fact. The list is long. If you've been a racing enthusiast more than a year or two, you know all of their names.


Keith's innovations in rider and racer training pretty much covers the entire field. His Lean & Slide bike, his landmark books, audio and video CD's and tapes, his panic stop trainer, video coaching, control trainer device, step by step training, really the list goes on and on, and R.A.C.E. has even more. Our use of radar at R.A.C.E. to give you accurate and immediate speed feedback is another of his innovations.


We are happy to offer you the option of riding your own bike or one of our new BMW S1000RRs. They are serious machines. The cost for our two day R.A.C.E program is $1950 for your bike and $2750 if you ride one of ours.


We can offer you several tire options (Dunlops of course) on your bike or one of ours. Take a look at the sign-up page for options and pricing. Let us know in advance what you want and we'll be ready to mount tires on your bike or set up one of ours with your choice of sticky Dunlops...Sign Up Now!


All of the larger club racing organizations, like WERA and CCS, accept our program. You will have to go through a flag briefing, learn their safety regulations and buy a license before you can race.